Odd Ones Out

Reading is basically magic.

A poem about school friends, lost friends, and what it feels like to be the odd one out in a group of people who are also the odd ones out.

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Forcing Myself to Write

I’m forcing myself to write for an hour a day without distractions, and – well, it’s hard. But I’m determined to start writing more, so here we go.

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Photo by Daniel Curran via Unsplash.

A poem about the things you wanted in the past, and the things you want now, and whether you should shun the past or strike a balance between it and now.

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By the Water

Photo from Rucksack Magazine via Unsplash.

A love letter to water, to playing pooh sticks in the stream on our road as a child, and to the chance to pass those memories on to future generations.

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Driving, Trauma and Limitations

Photo by Takahiro Taguchi via Unsplash.

There are a lot of things that my anxiety means I can’t do – and it turns out driving might be one of them. Let’s talk about trauma, limits, and necessity.

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Photo by Rebecca Milton.

Experimenting with a different kind of free verse structure for this week’s poem – the story of a white plastic bag, and its refusal to give up.

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