Hello! I’m Rebecca, and I’m a writer from the southeast United Kingdom. Thank you so much for coming to visit my little corner of the internet. (Is that still a thing we say in 2018? Maybe not. My Geocities roots are showing).

I’ve loved stories from when I was little, and there is nothing in the world that has brought me more comfort than my imagination. I spent hours seeking solace in libraries as a child and as I grew up, my love of books broadened into a love of every kind of storytelling.

As well as running this blog, I write fantasy novels. I self-published my first book, Mundane Magic, in August 2017 and the experience completely changed my life. In 2019 I published my first poetry collection, How to Forgive Yourself in Fifteen Years.

I’m now working on a trilogy, the first novel of which is called Oracle. It’s grown out of my experience LARPing with my friends for the past many years, and it’s more precious to me than I can say. At the moment I’m currently seeking representation with a view to having it published traditionally, whilst writing the second book, Bastion.

I am presently studying for a MA in Creative Writing, and hope to pursue a PhD thereafter.

When I’m not working on my writing or this blog, it’s gaming that takes up a lot of my time. I play videogames, LARPs, and tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. I love creating characters and telling collaborative stories with my friends, and devote as much of my time as I can to it.

I also work as an Assistant Producer with Iron Realms Entertainment, and of course read just about any fantasy novel (and fanfiction) I can get my hands on.

Want to see more of me? You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, or subscribe to my mailing list.