Mundane Magic

Mundane-Magic-EBOOK-1600Magic exists.

Hidden within the world, disguised as mundane gifts and talents, it rests. Though not wholly dormant, for the most part it has gone unnoticed. Until now. Now, one man is trying to change that: to fight for a world where mages can be open about their powers and the world can accept them for what they are.

But trying to change people never goes smoothly, and the best intentions can fall away in the face of fear. Thomas Braddock has gone from hopeful revolutionary to wanted fugitive in a matter of days, earning the wrath of the British Army and their magical allies. For Braddock’s power is to be impenetrable, the ultimate defender; and the only thing that can pierce a magical shield is more magic.

Of course, it is not that simple. Nothing is ever that simple. And for the young servant whose power holds the key to defeating Braddock, there are some difficult decisions to be made. Because Odette is not destined to defeat him – there is no prophecy that binds her life to his. She has a choice.

And she doesn’t want to become a murderer.

Mundane Magic┬áis Rebecca’s debut novel about what it means to be special.

Reviews for Mundane Magic

“There is a charming subtlety about Mundane Magic – it casts off the flamboyant fairytale magic we are used to reading of in novels and examines a more realistic magic. As realistic as magic could possibly be, anyway. The premise feels incredibly tangible and the storyline is mysterious, well-paced and engrossing.” – E. Palmer, on Amazon UK

“An excellent debut novel, dealing sensitively with topics of love, anxiety, and rebellion against conformity.” – Matthew Sellwood, on Amazon UK

“The merging of the black and white of the story into shades of grey with each the progression of each chapter is brilliantly handled meaning it was never predictable with more than the usual two dimensions. Even when the point was reached where you were explicitly told one of two things could happen the result was a surprise. That is the mark of some very clever writing right there.” – Anath, Amazon UK

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