Protos: Beta Read Teaser!

Five years ago, I created a character. In those ensuing years, she has changed my life. Hers is the story that I wanted to tell even when I was writing and publishing Mundane Magic. She is why I learned the way to self-publish, why I went into writing as a career. And starting tomorrow, you... Continue Reading →

(Un)bind Me

For years now I have wandered with you safe within my mind. To me you are as real as earth; a precious jewel I have confined. I know I must release you soon; no, I cannot keep you here. A prisoner within my thoughts that no one else may overhear. For in my mind you... Continue Reading →

Protos: Become a Beta Reader!

Sometimes you must light a lamp to understand the darkness. Only then, Corentine knows, can you see what you are missing - what the darkness stole from you. What it was hiding. For many years, she and her partner Kalyani have been that lamp; the light shone into the dark to reveal its depth. The... Continue Reading →

Writing for Yourself

I am trying very hard to write this novel for me. You can easily Google hundreds upon hundreds of quotes about this adage: write for yourself; do not write for your audience. Write because you love the story, and write the story you love, because that is what will give you a truly unique story.... Continue Reading →

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