Mundane Magic Sale!

From now until the 24th December, Mundane Magic is on sale! For this week only you can get it digitally for a steal at less than £3/$4/€3 - that's almost half the normal retail price! Mundane Magic is my debut novel that asks what it means to be special. It is a low fantasy/magical realism... Continue Reading →

Difficulties and Dreams

It's now 11 weeks since I published Mundane Magic; we are coming to the end of the first three months of its existence out in the world. As I prepare to start the second draft of my next book, I have been reflecting on what success means and what to do now I am reaching... Continue Reading →

Choosing Self-Publishing

I've talked here on the blog about how I self-published, but I haven't yet shared with you why I chose self-publishing. Because I didn't always intend to self-publish Mundane Magic. For a start, when I began writing it, I didn't really intend to publish at all. Once that changed, thanks to a conversation with the... Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo: Where Garbage is Golden

Today I'd like to talk to you about Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo is an annual writing competition where you compete against yourself, attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. This works out to 1,666 words a day, which doesn't sound like much...until you've tried to do it. Nonetheless it is an incredible encouragement tool,... Continue Reading →

Mundane Magic Released!

After a lot of waiting and a lot of work, it's finally here. My debut novel, Mundane Magic, is now available in ebook and print! If you're fond of period English drama, magic, difficult choices and stubborn characters - then take a chance on this story. Come and learn about Odette and Henry and the... Continue Reading →

Self-Publishing: The Story Thus Far

When I decided to self-publish Mundane Magic, I knew that I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. So when I made the decision to self-publish in the middle of 2016, I spent the rest of the year researching what would be involved in self-publishing. Needless to say, it wasn't quite what... Continue Reading →

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