My Writing Space

One of the tips you've heard (and will hear) me give time and time again is that one of the most important things when writing is to write where, how and when suits you. For me - as you probably well know by now! - that means writing regularly, as my mental health permits, and... Continue Reading →

Procrastination: How I Beat It

Over the past years, I have become something of an expert in talking myself into and out of things. Perhaps the way in which I do this the most, these days, is dealing with procrastination. We've all procrastinated. Even the most driven, organised, relentless people I know put things off. I consider myself a pretty... Continue Reading →

Giving Up

someone that I loved once told me - (when everything hurt, and I did not know how to go on) - that I should give up. that there was no point to anything. I was brave enough to ignore them. years later, my brother gave me a gift. a hunk of marble. it said: "never,... Continue Reading →

Becoming Hermione Granger

When I was a child - and this will doubtless be surprising to no one - everyone called me Hermione. The most conflicting part about this was that people called me Hermione both as a compliment and as an insult. If I put my hand up in class (which I did often; the similarity was... Continue Reading →


for years now I have, very carefully, grown a place that is mine. that is safe. you'd call it a house, but it's more; it's somewhere I can hide from myself. cause it's hard to shut out the brain you carry round every second. so I built a home that was mine and that was... Continue Reading →

Half an Inch From Terrible

We got a parking ticket this weekend. Our permit lives loose on the dashboard, and in trying to stop it from flying out of the car I'd pushed it down - to the point where the expiry date couldn't be seen. So we got a parking ticket. It's the second time this has happened. You... Continue Reading →

Eye Contact

I never look people in the eyes. It isn't a deliberate choice; I just can't. I used to, once, when I was younger - when looking was less painful. Things made more sense then. You see, we look each other in the eyes to see emotions; opinions; thoughts made manifest in the lines of a... Continue Reading →

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