Hello! I’m Rebecca, and I’m a writer from the southeast United Kingdom. Thank you so much for coming to visit my little corner of the internet. (Is that still a thing we say in 2018? Maybe not. My Geocities roots are showing).

I’ve loved stories from when I was little, and there is nothing in the world that has brought me more comfort than my imagination. I spent hours seeking solace in libraries as a child and as I grew up, my love of books broadened into a love of every kind of storytelling.

As well as running this blog, I write fantasy novels. I self-published my first book, Mundane Magic, in August 2017 and the experience completely changed my life.


I’m now working on a trilogy, the first novel of which is called Oracle. It’s grown out of my experience LARPing with my friends for the past many years, and it’s more precious to me than I can say. At the moment I’m currently seeking representation with a view to having it published traditionally, whilst writing the second book, Bastion.

When I’m not working on my writing or this blog, it’s LARPing that takes up a lot of my time, as well as tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. I love creating characters and telling collaborative stories with my friends, and devote as much of my time as I can to it.

I also work as a volunteer administrator with Iron Realms Entertainment, and of course read just about any fantasy novel (and fanfiction) I can get my hands on.

Want to see more of me? You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, or subscribe to my mailing list for monthly updates.