From a young age, Rebecca has been obsessed with stories and the infinite possibility of imagination. As a child she devoured libraries, finding the books she spent hours within to be her primary salvation from the harsh realities of the outside world.

Like many modern writers she cut her author’s teeth on fanfiction, growing up primarily amongst the Harry Potter fandom. She also spent many years writing in fandom roleplaying games, which evolved after university to participation in Live-Action Roleplaying and tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons. Her first tabletop character was a halfling thief in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay who once killed a Champion of Nurgle with a slingshot.

It was participation in National Novel Writing Month that led her to first think about writing novels. After finishing her first novel, a rather terrible piece of work about a cartographer and a princess, Rebecca began to focus more on writing at this length. It was from her third successful year of Nanowrimo that her debut novel, Mundane Magic, was born.

Mundane Magic was released on the 11th August 2017 and can be found at all major online bookstores in ebook and print format. Her next book, the project presently referred to as Protos, is now in its second draft and about to enter the beta reading stage.

Rebecca lives in southeast England and spends the time she isn’t writing roleplaying and playing board and video games with her friends.