Moving Forward – Again!

If you’ve been following, you know this year has been – well, a bit weird thus far. It’s had some incredible ups, and it’s also been incredibly hard. I’m having to do a lot of re-evaluating how things work, and how we do things here.

The blog is coming up on three years old (yes, seriously – it started in 2016), which isn’t actually all that old for a blog. In essence, it’s a toddler that’s recently stated teething. You’ve all been kind enough to put up with me experiencing this teething in public for the past few months, for which I’m very grateful. Even when it’s meant I’m producing content differently.

As you might know, a couple of months ago I moved to posting twice a week instead of three times. My hope and intent was to stop myself from becoming the ridiculous ball of stress I had transformed into, and improve the quality of the content I’m delivering to you. This hasn’t worked as a solution, and that’s been hard.

But I love making things. I really do. So here’s how I’m going to keep doing it: by making whatever I want, whenever I want.

This breaks, for the record, basically every supposed rule about content creation. You should make content regularly! On a schedule! So people know when to show up!

Well, doing what you’re supposed to sucks.

In the scant 24 hours since I talked myself into doing it this way rather than quitting (because that was honestly the alternative), I have written fiction, recorded songs, learned new songs, spent time thinking about blog posts, and good grief if I don’t feel so very free.

Honestly, it’s entirely possible that moving to a scheduleless life is actually going to mean that I make even more things for you. It may also mean that there’s a week where I don’t make anything.

A few other things will be changing along with this over the next week.

Patreon tier rewards have changed. They’re similar, but I’ve cut out some of the things that just haven’t taken off – like the Discord for example. I’ve done my best to make sure you don’t lose out on things that you would want.

I’m going to try to be more present on Twitter and Instagram, so that you know what I’m working on and how excited I am about things. It really helps with feeding that excitement back to me!

This also comes with a lot of updating of about pages and other such boring and tedious things that you don’t care about, but I unfortunately have to. Alas!

Surprise! I’ve got a lot of feelings about all this.

I won’t lie, there’s a part of it that feels like I’m failing. But there’s so much of me that’s just super excited. I don’t feel happy with a day unless I’ve created something. I want to go back to basking in that feeling, and I think this is how to do it.

Doing that in public on the internet is super weird, but I think it’s also very important – this way you get to see that nothing is a straight line, and that this is just another example of creating at your own pace. Of fighting to find that pace and honouring it.

That’s what I want to do, more than anything. It will make me happier, and healthier, and only when I am both of those things can I make things for you that are awesome.

And wither then? I cannot say.


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