Surprise! I’m working on…a poetry chapbook!

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If you’ve been following me on social media or you’re a Patron, you’ll know that I’ve recently been working on a big project I want to get released by the late Summer. Well today I’m really excited to announce to everyone that it’s my first poetry chapbook!

It’s no secret that for the first third of this year, I’ve been in a slump. Having a relapse on top of having had a not-very-inspired period has meant that I’ve not been all that keen to produce things. But I’m also very conscious that come September, I won’t have the time to produce a lot of ‘other’ projects. So, it’s time to get this done.

What is a poetry chapbook?

In short, it’s a book of poetry! And it’s often literally short, too.

Chapbooks are generally about 20-40 pages, and are a collection of poems that share a common theme or style. They are often different sizes to standard paperbacks, and are a really good gateway into a poet’s larger body of work.

They’re not intended to be a full collection of the poet’s work, but more a snapshot of it.

What will it be like?

Unsurprisingly, my chapbook is on the theme of mental health. I’ve spent the past month narrowing down which poems I want to include in it, and I’m currently working on refining the order.

The idea of a chapbook is that it takes you on a journey – where you can read the poems through as they’re given to you. That they are not necessarily chronological, curated so that they take you somewhere. That’s what I’m aiming for with my own.

So if you were to ask me what it will be like, I would say that I’d hope you’ll be crying by halfway through and smiling by the end. So…a pretty good representation of my life thus far, really.

How will we be able to get it?

My current intention, barring really unexpectedly winning any chapbook contests along the way, is to self-publish in the same way that I did Mundane Magic.

This means that the chapbook will be available both digitally and in print from online retailers. It will be a different size to Mundane Magic, more of a cute ‘just about fits in your pocket’ style paperback than a full book.

My aim is to keep the cost down as much as possible, so that it can reach as many people as possible – as we get further down the road, I’ll have more details for you on exactly what it’ll cost in each form.

Will you be removing the poems from here?

No. All of my poetry will remain available here for free. I’m not producing this as somewhere to ‘move’ my poetry to. I’m producing it for people who would like a physical copy of my work, or who would like to read it as a curated collection.

The only time I will remove poems from here is if I have them published elsewhere and the publication contract requires me to do so (which isn’t often, because this blog is small enough that mostly it “doesn’t count”!).

Will you be telling us about the process of publishing it?

Sort of!

My plan is to take my Patrons on the entire journey from start to finish, which has already begun – they have already been given insight into the process of picking poems and narrowing them down. Soon Patrons will get to help with picking cover designs, titles and more!

So if you would like to come with me on this journey, then you can do so for just $2 a month. Becoming a Patron also gives you access to a whole load of other benefits like our Patron-only Discord, weekly posts from me, pictures of my cat – oh, should’ve led with that one, that’s the most important.

I’m really excited about this project, and I hope you are too!

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