Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

come with me into the forest
where the shadows shall hide who we are;
and our starlit dreams show the silvery gleams
of our futures both near and so far.

let’s reach up into that skyline.
let’s tear the impossible down.
scream defiance at they who would stand in our way
claim those dreams as our victory crown.

we don’t have to settle for maybe
we don’t have to settle for could
we don’t have to be what they say we must be
or worse still, succumb wholly to should.

and when we have won, we will leave here
and we’ll step right out into the light
we will finally be seen as what we’ve always been
even when we were shrouded in night.

and we’ll walk through the world as the monarchs
of all we have crushed ‘neath our feet.
and we’ll hold our heads high as we open the sky
to every scared dreamer we meet.

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