My plans for 2019 and the blog!

2018 saw a huge amount of growth for this little corner of the internet. Lots of successes, some failures too, but there’s no question that it’s now miles ahead of what it was when the year began. The most impressive thing about that? I didn’t really plan any of it. This year, I want to plan more. So here – for you and for me! – are my plans for the blog for 2019.

Each month, I’m going to do something scary – and then tell you about it.

I’ve mentioned that I have a new series of blogs planned, and this is it. But here’s the thing. These scary things I do? They’re not going to be big things. Getting on a plane is terrifying for me, but that’s too grand for this. I want to show you the anxiety inherent in simple, everyday things throughout 2019.

This month, I’m going to get an eye test. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, I’ve not been to one for about 8 years. And some of that’s laziness, but not all of it – a lot of it is that I’m just terrified of it. I’ll talk more about why next week, in the first blog of this series.

This is the first step towards making more blogs about doing things.

I absolutely loved making the museum post for you, and I’d like to do a lot more personal narrative blogs in 2019 about the things that this odd and wonderful career takes me to. I would really, really like to be able to make it to some book conventions this year, to take another step into that world.

That sort of thing won’t come quickly as it requires funding, those opportunities aren’t constant, and also I’m just terrified of people. These are in essence the big things that the one-a-month scary things series (for which I really must find a better name) won’t cover.

I’m going to make an action plan for getting the blog in front of more people throughout 2019.

At the moment, the majority of people who read this are people who already know me. To those of you who came here through other means – hello! You’re wonderful! I would like to make more of you. Or, er, attract. One of those is more forward than the other.

Now this isn’t an easy thing. The internet might be full of listicles detailing precisely how you can up your blog traffic, but there aren’t really any quick leaps forward you can make trivially. There are plenty of things I can do to improve the blog’s availability (and attractiveness) though.

I want to write a lot more fiction and share it with you – for free.

I’m always going to reserve some things for my lovely Patrons, but I want to give more to all of you too. I’ve actually already started writing some – well, I’ve written one. That counts, right? These will probably mostly be shorter pieces, more like flash fiction, as I push to get back into writing as close to daily as I can.

This is something I want to do not just because it’s my job, but because when I was writing every day this past year – for the first half, where I was working really hard on Oracle – I was so, so happy. I felt so creative and invigorated and satisfied. I want that feeling again in 2019. The fact that it lets me also give you things is a bonus!

I haven’t yet decided whether this will replace articles or poetry – I’m leaning towards the latter, so that you get two non-fiction and one fiction/poetry piece a week. Let me know if you have any preferences!

Have you spotted 2019’s theme word?

It’s challenge.

This blog, this job, already challenges me every day and it’s completely transformed my life. This year, I want to lean into that. I want to take this momentum and use it to stop running, and start flying instead.

Because when it comes down to it, when I really ask why I’m doing this – it’s for me. It’s because it changes my life. Does that seem selfish? Maybe it is, in its way, but I don’t think selfishness is inherently wrong. We are all the centres of our own universes. We are the people we are closest to.

I do also want to have this blog inspire and empower all of you. But most of all, more than anything, I want it for myself. Which, I think, is the right way to understand things.

So this year, let’s see how much I can challenge myself in 2019.

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