as I climbup this mountainknowing another lies beyondand another beyond thatan endless stretch of impossible climbs may I rememberthat I am not climbing it aloneand that it is okay, sometimesto stop and admire the view.

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Should I be talking about mental illness so much? – a response to The Financial Diet

Photo by rawpixel.

This week, I want to do something a bit different. We’re nearing the end of get organised month, and there’s a part of progressing that I have always, always ignored: facing my negative characteristics. Things I’m doing wrong. Things that are fundamental about me that need to change. Last week, The Financial Diet – who […]

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Bullet Journal Fatigue Is Real

Photo by Plush Design Studio.

I have kept a bullet journal for a couple of years now, and I have absolutely adored it. It’s made me more creative, helped me get organised, and helped me truly appreciate just how much I do manage to do – even on days where it feels like I have done nothing. But towards the […]

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Photo by Roberto Nickson

it took me so longto find youbecause you were therelong before I stopped lookingfor the other half of my hope. in that silenceof hopelessnessI heard the world laughing, for we were oneand no one could imaginea world where we were apart. you are clever, and ambitious,and careful and kind and creative,and in the hive of […]

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Morning is a four letter word – but I might’ve beaten it

Photo by Amanda Jones

Go onto YouTube and it’s inevitable that at some point, probably pretty quickly, you’ll come across at least one morning routine video. In these you generally see these incredible, determined people getting up at 5am, being in the gym within half an hour, showered and breakfast eaten and ready for work all by 7. This […]

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3 Ways I Organise Around My Mental Health

Photo by Toa Heftiba.

It continues, all month, to be organisation month – or ‘get organised’ month as I think it’s more properly called. But before we get into more posts about how I organise myself, I want to talk about a really important consideration I make – organising around my depression and anxiety. I cannot always predict when […]

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Bus Shelter

Photo by Samuel Foster

in winter you were too cold, the wind howling in your side;in summer you were too hot, your metal heating until its touch burnedbut you were always there, far enough from everythingthat no one would ever know I was seated on your too-narrow benchesor curled up in the corner on the floora book & the […]

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Your Normal Is My Scary: 1 – An Eye Test

Photo by Wellington Rodrigues.

It’s 9.32am, and I am walking out of the house. It’s cold, but not quite enough to need gloves. I’m a little bit jumpy, because I’m about to go and do something intimidating. Is it a job interview? An exam? No, it’s much more mundane. It’s an eye test. The walk down is okay. I’ve […]

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Why I’m relieved to be back at work after the holidays

I have a love-hate relationship with holidays. On the one hand, time off! Something that in the past year as I’ve come to be working full time (for the first time in my life), I’ve started to really appreciate. It’s incredibly important to be able to take a step back from the neverending rush of […]

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On University Applications

I know that you must read a lot of thesebut I can’t help but feel thatreally, honestly, it’s impossiblefor me to sum up all of my dreamsin a mere three hundred words. Or to show you all of the things I can writein a sample of just two thousand;or to tell you the story of […]

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