January is Organisation Month!

I know, I know, they’ll make a fake holiday out of everything. But I think it’s fair to say that most people view January as a month to take charge of things in their life by sprucing up their organisation.

There’s a lot of backlash to it, and I can understand why.

We make the best progress in our selves and our lives if we are always thinking about it – not just confining exercising or eating better to the first month of the year and thence until we lose the habit.

But I don’t think new years’ resolutions are bad, either. I would much rather that people fought to improve their lives one time a year than not at all. So along with not belittling people who make them, I’m also taking the opportunity to think about things myself.

One of the ways I’m doing that is with my personal organisation.

As I’ve talked about before, for a couple of years now I’ve been bullet journalling. But recently, in the past few months, I’ve started to experience bullet journal fatigue. This is relatively common, and there are a few ways of dealing with it – changing layout, going back to bullet journal basics, and many more.

I’ve decided to try, for a while, using a digital/analogue hybrid. I’m now using Todoist to record all of my tasks, and then a journal to write down what I’m doing each day. Essentially I’m just doing bullet journal dailies, and all my longer term goals and tasks are on Todoist.

Never one to start on time, I’ve actually been doing this since midway through December. It’s been working really well, though I may actually drop the analogue part entirely at some point – because as much as checking things off twice is fun, it’s a bit redundant.

And all through January, the blog will include my other organisational improvements!

I’ve got a lot of things planned, from talking about blog planning to how I schedule my life around a disability that isn’t the same every day. So keep an eye out here for more posts in this vein! I’m really excited.

If there’s anything in particular you want to hear about, let me know, and I’ll make sure it gets covered!

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