Achievement Hunter

When I am nestled at my desk
with another game on the screen
do not think of me as lazy.

Today I caught my hundredth pet
and got the achievement for it,
another star next to my name.

Do you think these things meaningless
just because they’re in pixels?
Just because they’re not real?

They’re real to me, you know.
And I don’t mean I think a world
where magic exists is real.

I mean that I really sat here
for all the hours I have sat here
and earned this golden star.

And maybe that’s silly to you,
but to me – to me, it’s everything.
It’s more than I thought I could do.

So please don’t mock my hours
spent grinding to max level,
or collecting every beautiful thing.

Because this game, and all games,
might just be the only thing
reminding me that I’m still worthy.

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