Small Content Update: Bye YouTube, Hello Twitch!

You might (or might not!) be aware the for the past four months, I’ve been making YouTube music videos and uploading them once a week. This has been really fun and I’ve had some lovely feedback from it.

Unfortunately it’s not really sustainable – or rather, to improve it properly, I would need to invest a lot more time in it than I do now. It hasn’t been hugely successful, and part of that reason is – I think – that I’ve not been publicising it and encouraging it enough.

My video quality is also not that high, as I don’t know how to edit videos (beyond using YouTube’s in-built cropper) and I don’t currently have the means to get video editing software and learn to use it. 

So! I’ve made the decision to stop making and supporting YouTube, and instead I’m going to put the time I’ve gained from it into further supporting Twitch.

If you don’t know, I stream on Twitch twice a week where I play a variety of games, play my ukulele, and recently craft costume and props for LARP games. I’ve absolutely loved doing it, it’s a fantastic challenge to my anxiety, and on top of that…I mean, I get to play computer games. As part of my¬†job.

I’ve almost made Affiliate there, and I think it’s a much better use of my time in terms of video content (such as it is) than trying to support something I’ll never be able to support fully. So starting next week, I’m going to move to three streams a week (on Monday and Tuesday and then a third on either Wednesday or Thursday).

I would love it if you’d come along and follow me there, and let’s go onto the next step of this weird adventure together!

Pro Twitch tip: make sure you hit the bell when you follow if you want to get notifications when I go live.

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