when I was at school
they made us talk
about our holidays
in French lessons.

there was just one problem:
I’d only been on holiday once,
Disneyland when I was six,
and I didn’t remember it.

sure, I went to my grandparents
each summer for a week
so we could have time with them
two hundred miles from home,

but explaining that sucks
when the kids around you
are talking about going
to the Bahamas or to Italy.

sometimes, desperate,
I’d talk about the school trip
we took to Normandy
and the beaches and museums.

but most of the time,
I just picked another topic
trying to avoid yet another way
in which I wasn’t normal.

One thought on “Holidays

  1. Not always for the same reasons but in the era I was at school we always did this in the weeks after the holidays…. mostly kids went somewhere different, some even went abroad…we were dead jealous of those, we always spent the whole summer at the same caravan site, literally less than 20miles from where we lived…somewhat lacking to the outside observer, nonetheless we always managed to fully betraying ourselves in the moment, it was only in comparison to the others that it seemed paler…

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