There’s a week in the month –
you know the one I mean –
where it feels like exhaustion
is my middle name.

It’s not always been like this
but these past years
I drag myself through this week
wanting to scream.

I only just got up!
Why am I so tired?!
It’s 9am and I want
to go to bed.

I don’t give a damn
if my body’s impressive
just because I want children
that does not mean

that I have to celebrate
each of the times
my womb claws out from my legs
and leaves me broken.

It’s now like a lottery.
What will this week ruin
this month? Come on,
let’s track it and see.

Oh here are the things
that I wanted to do
that now will be full
of exhaustion and pain.

You’ll excuse me if I don’t
rejoice at this news.
I do love my body,
I do think it’s great.

It’s really incredible
that one day I
will get to create
an entire new life.

But that doesn’t change
that right now I wish
my period would please
just fuck the hell off.

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