Let us sing for the ones who are so self-reliant
we cannot accept someone lending a hand;
whose rejection of help goes beyond just defiance –
who need to do everything just like we planned.

We’ll work independently without a care,
but put us in groups and the tension will show.
For failure looms heavy if others are there,
brought by the success that we’ll have to forego.

For the less we do the less we’re in control –
the less we achieve the less precious we’ll feel,
if all things are done for us, how are we whole?
How are we a relevant part of this deal?

“The stupid thing,” we’ll say, “is I was so scared
that it was too much for me to do alone.
I begged and I pleaded and thought no one cared.
Would I have felt differently, if I had known

“That everyone would rally into this mess
and leave me feeling like I let them all down
by not helping more? Now I am just stressed,
an idiot with fecklessness for a crown.”

But stop. Take a breath. Let all our anger fade.
These people are generous and helpful and kind.
It isn’t disgust, it is love they have laid
at our feet, thinking of our own peace of mind.

And that doesn’t mean that our anger’s not real
or that it is wrong to react in this way;
the only wrong thing is to take what we feel
and use it as weapons in some cruel melee.

But that isn’t what we are going to do.
We’ll feel what we feel, and we’ll feel it alone.
Then help these wonderful people see it through
and thank them – that is how we will atone.

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