The Outside

I just don’t like the outside.
Always prefer my head.
When offered in or out
I’ll always choose inside instead.

I grew up in the garden,
climbing the trees to read,
but somewhere in my childhood
in began to supersede.

The problem was that outside
contained people; people suck.
And at that point, with people
I had…not had that much luck.

People had kicked me sometimes.
People had called me names.
People were from the outside –
the outside was to blame.

So all my hobbies shifted
to the kind that were indoors.
I fell in love with gaming
and collecting highest scores.

And though that love always gives back
twenty times what I give,
sometimes I miss the outside
and the way I used to live.

But now I have a house,
and it has a garden too.
And in the year I ignored it
it grew and grew and grew.

And somehow in the days we’ve spent
wrestling the garden clear
I’ve started to remember
that the outside’s not all fear.

Oh, I’m still very scared
of all the people and the sounds,
I’m always going to be like that
especially in big towns.

But in the parts that I find safe,
it’s actually rather nice.
And if that’s all I ever get
then well, that will suffice.

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