Was it really five years ago
you popped into my head?
Of all the things I could’ve been
I went for you instead.

At first you were an actor,
only later could you See –
and once I made you that there was
nothing else you could be.

The first time I became you
I spent hours stumbling blind,
but to your double veils
I had made myself resigned.

And then you made a friend –
someone who could understand.
And suddenly this hope I had
growing for you was fanned.

You kept on going in the months
that we both played thereafter;
you brought me closer to my friends
and gave me love and laughter.

We spent five years together,
and when you were nearly done
I turned you into something else
that I could give to everyone.

But now it’s time to say goodbye
to the you that is me.
And once you’ve told your story
we’ll become a different we.

So come with me this weekend
for what’s maybe the last time.
We’ll fix the spiral mistake
and his many, many crimes.

You’ll go then to the mountains
and finally you’ll be home;
with that most precious arrow
and a thousand lifetimes not alone.

And when it’s done I’ll say goodbye
to you, my dearest friend.
But don’t forget – a story starts
each time another ends.

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