My First Camp Nanowrimo

For some years I have been aware of Camp Nanowrimo, the secondary challenge run by the wonderful team at Nanowrimo. A little different to the core Nanowrimo – which is simply to write 50,000 words in 30 days – Camp Nanowrimo allows you to set your own goal. You can set a goal based on […]

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The Wilting Roses of Paris

Continuing in showing you some of the writing I do as a hobby, here is the background for a character I have not had the fortune to play for some time. I had, to be honest, entirely forgotten about this story – and was delighted to find it and read it again. Now of course […]

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Planning in Stages

I've got one, honest.

Planning. We’ve all been told, time and time again, that you need to plan your writing – especially novel writing. There are some brilliant resources out there for novel planning, many of which I’ve recommended here before. Over the years I’ve studied a lot of those novel planning techniques from Rachael Stephens’ plot embryo to […]

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Genre: The Details of Self-Publishing

What's your genre?

You’ve written a novel, and it’s time to start thinking about releasing it. You want to self-publish it, and start looking into putting it onto somewhere like Amazon. Looking at how to do so, you – oh, wow. That’s a lot of options. How do you know which genre to pick for your book? For […]

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Full Time Freelancing

How do you work with that messy a desk though?

One of the things that has been most difficult to adjust to in becoming an author publisher is getting used to full time working hours. When I first started last year, I was doing things as and when suited me. I did this to finish Mundane Magic, to have it edited, even publishing it – […]

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My Writing Space

This is, to be honest, an insufficient amount of space for the General.

One of the tips you’ve heard (and will hear) me give time and time again is that one of the most important things when writing is to write where, how and when suits you. For me – as you probably well know by now! – that means writing regularly, as my mental health permits, and […]

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Procrastination: How I Beat It

To do: make a to do list.

Over the past years, I have become something of an expert in talking myself into and out of things. Perhaps the way in which I do this the most, these days, is dealing with procrastination. We’ve all procrastinated. Even the most driven, organised, relentless people I know put things off. I consider myself a pretty […]

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Sparks of Feeling

tremulous, my heart rattles the cages of my mind every thought ringing with your name it is not a prayer. I do not allow myself prayers. to pray is to hope, and to hope is to dare. I am not daring. some days I am unsure whether my mind has my heart in a vice […]

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Submitting Your Writing: Tips, Tricks & Benefits

For many of us, the world of submitting to literary journals, magazines, blogs and similar is a strange one. Unless you’ve already intersected with them professionally, or known someone who has, you’re relatively unlikely to have encountered them. But they contain some of the most beautiful things I have ever read. More than that, they […]

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At the Collapse: The Origin of an Oracle

Cateline's divination deck - stories told with stories within a story.

For the past decade, I have told stories with my friends. But it is more than just telling someone a story; it is living the story with them. We run and play live-action roleplay games. We dress up as characters from a made-up world, and put them into places they have never been, with events […]

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