(Un)bind Me

For years now I have wandered
with you safe within my mind.
To me you are as real as earth;
a precious jewel I have confined.

I know I must release you soon;
no, I cannot keep you here.
A prisoner within my thoughts
that no one else may overhear.

For in my mind you just cannot
grow more than what you are;
and if I keep you here alone
your final beauty I will mar.

And so I’ve vowed I will commit
your perfect lines upon this page;
at first it flowed like waterfalls
that gushed out from your opened cage.

But then some days I struggle
as I try to let you go
I pull and pull you from my heart;
it leaves me cold as winter snow.

On other days I stumble still
and then I feel a different pain –
not loss or theft but pride that swells
to see the beauty in my own refrain.

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