I’m On Patreon!

I’m delighted to announce that today I have opened my Patreon, giving another way for you all to support this blog and my writing in general. I’m really excited to go in this direction with you and I hope you are too.

If you don’t know what Patreon is, here’s a quick explanation. Patreon is a sort of crowdfunding website where you can support your favourite content creators – be they artists, writers, musicians, podcasters, filmmakers, almost anything at all.

Your money goes directly to them and allows them to make better content for you, which hopefully – if you like their work – is what you want. In return, you get whatever special and fancy things available only to Patrons. For mine, that’s anything from supplemental novel content, to sneak previews, acknowledgement in my novels and personalised thank you cards.

You’ll notice on the Patreon page that I have some stretch goals. One of these is to move to three blogs a week here. My aim is to make one of these always some form of fiction, one of them always some form of article about writing or self-publishing, and the other to be anything at all.

There’s also the second goal which will allow me to improve how the blog looks. This means things like getting rid of the adverts, adding new widgets and things that can make using the website much better. This involves stepping up to a business plan with WordPress, something that I cannot currently afford.

And because I’m in the business of being frank with you about the realities of self-publishing, I have to tell you – I’m pretty terrified of this.

I lived on not much money at all for a lot of my early 20s, and have become very cautious of it. Growing up, we never really spoke about money much at all. The idea of asking people for money makes me nauseous. This hasn’t stopped even whilst I’ve been preparing my Patreon.

But I really want to be able to give you more things. I’m so excited about the stuff I’ve got planned to release to Patrons. January alone will see a preview of Protos, a reveal of some of the original ending of Mundane Magic, a playlist of songs for Odette and a lot more.

So I hope you will consider joining me, if you’re able, on this next direction in this wild adventure.

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