for years now I have, very carefully, grown a place that is mine. that is safe. you'd call it a house, but it's more; it's somewhere I can hide from myself. cause it's hard to shut out the brain you carry round every second. so I built a home that was mine and that was... Continue Reading →

Half an Inch From Terrible

We got a parking ticket this weekend. Our permit lives loose on the dashboard, and in trying to stop it from flying out of the car I'd pushed it down - to the point where the expiry date couldn't be seen. So we got a parking ticket. It's the second time this has happened. You... Continue Reading →

The Right Way To Write

Shockingly, though you are probably coming here thinking this is a title I'm going to disagree with, I actually think it can be true. I totally believe there is a 'right way to write'. It's just that the 'right way to write' is whatever suits you at any given time. I asked this week how... Continue Reading →

Five Tools for Self-Publishing

Apparently it is the week of clickbait titles. Welcome back to another self-publishing advice blog post - today I want to talk to you about some of the incredible services you can find online, tools which will help you not only to self-publish a novel but to get yourself working towards that goal. All of... Continue Reading →

Eye Contact

I never look people in the eyes. It isn't a deliberate choice; I just can't. I used to, once, when I was younger - when looking was less painful. Things made more sense then. You see, we look each other in the eyes to see emotions; opinions; thoughts made manifest in the lines of a... Continue Reading →

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